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The Glass Ceiling Myth

A whopping two-thirds of businesses in Australia generate annual revenue below $200,000 and employ fewer than five people. (Ref. ABS surveys) Why is this? In some cases it’s because the owner prefers it that way. Happy to be the boss and the employee at the same time, but that certainly isn’t the norm. Most long […]

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A small business that made a big difference

If you don’t know me, my name is Brett Burden, I’m a business coach working in Melbourne and I wanted to share some of my client stories with you through this blog. This blog is about a small business which was a marketing company, and its owner, James, who wanted to grow his business and […]

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They're the real deal, not just a business infatuation

Jack and Linda were pretty much like most tradies that I have met. They worked hard, did the best on each job they were called out to, tidied up after themselves, and had a good service relationship with their customers. They had a couple of small customers and one major customer who brought in the […]

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On Top of a business and living life to the full

I’ve worked with Eric many times before. He’s what I’d call a focussed, intelligent and a high energy kind of person with depth to his talents. The last time he called me was when he needed someone to share some insights to a team. The team were interested to hear about some ways they could […]

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When you’re busy taking care of other people its hard to look at what you need for your own self. That’s how I saw Alana and Rose. Two very capable natural therapists who were dedicated to helping their clients feel fantastic and have a new lease on life. Problem was as successful as their business […]

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About Brett Burden

Brett Burden. Award winning Business Coach for over 25 years, Brett has the experience, tools and resources to help you very quickly gain control of your business and get you your life back. He’s helped dozens of business owners do exactly that.

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