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A letter from Russell

"We’ve had the pleasure of using Brett Burden and the ActionCoach business coaching program for 9 months now. In that time we have had well over 200% growth in our business and have seen significant improvements within the business, including additional processes, better staff management and larger profits.

These improvements have largely been the result of Brett’s advice regarding implementation of measurement criteria and a strategic focus on business activities to ensure we are placing our attention on the right activities at the right time. Other than tangible results, I have also been greatly impressed with Brett’s professionalism and friendly manner when dealing with not only myself, but also with my staff.

I would recommend Brett’s coaching services to any business owner who is ready to do some hard strategic work and focus their attention on developing a successful business.

Thanks Brett.
The results speak for themselves."

Russell Pearson
Crimson Fox Studios

The Crimson Fox studio story

This is an amazing story which just shows what’s possible when people are willing to step out of their comfort zone and engage somebody to hold them accountable. Russell wasn’t going to let his ego hinder the growth and aspirations of his business success. I say this because many business owners do.

Although very sceptical in the beginning of how a coach was going to make a difference Russell was willing to roll the dice and jump in anyway. Russell kept an open mind throughout the early part of the process and it’s because of this, I believe, he was able to reap the early rewards. Russell is a dynamic creative designer, but at the same time quite detailed and logical, which is rare, because most people who are creative aren’t normally logical, and visa versa. He also had a million idea’s floating around inside his head but simply not enough time and money to do them all.

So what was I going to do for him that he didn’t already have the skills and ideas to do himself? Simple. Define what mattered, focus his attention, and hold him accountable.

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Brett Burden. Award winning Business Coach for over 25 years, Brett has the experience, tools and resources to help you very quickly gain control of your business and get you your life back. He’s helped dozens of business owners do exactly that.

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