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"Brett I just wanted to say thanks for  assisting us.  Once we got the organisational structure sorted the productivity of my business, and me personally increased dramatically. As you know we have gone from a $700k turnover to well above $3 million in just 8 months and without your help and guidance there would have been no way we would be able to cope.  I  feel for the first time that I’m actually understanding my business and what I should be looking for in my numbers."

Bryce Barker
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The JBM Pluming Story 

This engagement was easily one of the easiest turnarounds I have seen. In the 10 months I worked with JBM it transformed from a typical small plumbing business into one that was completing some of the more specialised commercial projects around Melbourne (and even interstate). Their turnover increased from a very modest amount and almost tripled over that same period.

So what did they do to achieve such a quick turnaround? The business was being run by 3 very strong willed people and to complicate things they were all family. The main strategy used to turn it around was to create some clarity around “who does what” to remove the confusion and controversy. We used the personality profiling system to help us determine who would be best to fill each role of the business and therefore allowing each department to get on with its job.

The area most in need of securing, as it is with 95% of business I work with, was the area of leadership. Disc profiling played a big part in determining who out of the 3 partners it should be, but prior to Disc I had taken the guys through a process called “alignment” which had me pretty clear on who would fill the role of General manager. Through the alignment interview Bryce was the one who was most clear on his goals and what he wanted to achieve, not only with JBM but even his personal goals. The one thing Bryce lacked was the knowledge around the planning process, and some methods to help him achieve more in a shorter period.  Bryce was appointed the role of General Manager and quickly took on the personal development required to fore fill the role.

Where to from here. Well that’s firmly in their hands but as long as business education remains part of their business model then the sky is the limit.

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Brett Burden. Award winning Business Coach for over 25 years, Brett has the experience, tools and resources to help you very quickly gain control of your business and get you your life back. He’s helped dozens of business owners do exactly that.

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