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I can’t believe the difference in my mind set now and where I was before I got introduced to Brett.

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Letter from Matt.

"I can’t believe the difference in my mind set now and where I was before I got introduced to Brett. I felt like I always had the weight of the world on my shoulders, looking after disgruntled clients, staff whining, suppliers wanting money, couple that with also trying to keep the wolves from our own doors. Brett bought along a lot of experience, creative ideas and a steady head to bounce things off, but the one thing that has had the most effect on me and my business was that he continually pushed me to find the right people to help take the business forward. “Surround yourself with good people” he kept saying. Now I know why.

Our business is now booming and the majority of our work comes from word of mouth simply because our clients love what we do, and I think that’s because our team love what they do.
Thanks for your persistence"

Matthew Milnes.
Director – MBuild Homes and Pools.

The MBuild Story

alk about transformation. It’s quite incredible how this business has changed over the last 3 years. Matt company had been designing and building high quality modern homes for the discerning client for many years. At the time I meet him he was also in the throws of a new enterprise with another partner building concrete pools. The partnership, like many, didn’t last long simply due to the guys having very little alignment in attitude and values. I’ve see this a lot during my time coaching. Most partners chose each other normally based on the skill each other bring and leave out the most important ingredients. When the pressure is on and push comes to shove, will their unique behaviours be synergistic and become creative, or will it become egotistical and destroy creativity?

After a few failed attempts of trying to find the right person to help out it all of a sudden clicked with Matt what I’d been saying for some time, and that was “Surround yourself with good people”. An important distinction to make here is I didn’t just mean “team members” but in fact all stakeholders. That could include accountants, suppliers, mentors, lenders, even clients.

Since having started this process life has become far more enjoyable. The Pool business is now 90% of what MBuilds does, and the great thing about that is they spend very little on marketing because they win job after job based on referrals from past clients.

Still plenty of room for improvement but a least Matt can now sleep peacefully at night. (while I write this Matt and his family are enjoying themselves on a well earned holiday in Hawaii)
Well done Matt.

Check out Mbuilds mission statement online here. While you’re there have a look at some of the pools they build.


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