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When I first met Brett I wasn’t convinced that there was anything he could do for me as I already had a reasonably good business and didn’t really feel like he was going to tell me anything I didn’t already know (now recognised as arrogance and resignation).

However, in a very short space of time, he was able to identify the critical areas of the business that needed attention and then supported me in taking action, even though I had been dragging my feet for years in those areas.

The most important was employing a new vet so that I could spend more time working on the business (rather than in it), and spending more time with my son. Recruitment is not one of my strong points… I’d tried to do this in the past and after a weak response to my ad and attracting the wrong applicants, I had given up. However, within in days of Brett identifying this and with his help, we had placed an ad, received a number of applications and 4 weeks later, the fantastic, perfect for the job, new vet started.

This has been priceless to me, as I know that I can now move the business forward with confidence without having to compromise on precious family time. Brett is a wealth of knowledge and valuable resources and I will be forever grateful for the impact Brett has made not only on my business, but my quality of life.

Writing that testimony has me present, yet again, to how grateful I am that Simon called me out of the blue that one day in June. You really have made a huge difference to me and the business in such a short space of time. I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart and hope that we can continue to work together for some time.

Speak to you soon.


The Ringwood Veterinary Clinic story

The one thing I would say for sure is that Kim is an incredibly determined and intelligent woman. Before I started working with her she had already built a great business and worked with a fabulous team around her. She also had the responsibility of bringing up her very young son as a single parent, so this made her efforts in running the business even more impressive.

As you could imagine the number one priority in Kim’s life though was all about gaining back more time from her busy work schedule to enjoy more time with her son, but the things that had held her back in the past continued to keep her from gaining that extra time with her son.

The number one issue that needed to be resolved was Kim needed to believe that her business wouldn’t fall apart if she was to employ another Vet. Like many veterinarian, she had grown so protective of her patient’s (the pets as well as the owners) that she thought she was the only person truly committed to looking after them properly. Endeavours to find an employee veterinarian in the past had just rendered more concerns about whether she’d ever find somebody that would care as much as she did.

After quite amount of debate and discussion I was finally able to convince Kim to trust my recruitment system and give it a go. The result didn’t come instantly but that was fine. Our only goal was to get it right the first so we were prepared to wait. When the result finally came about (a month later) it was perfect and just as planned.

We did plenty of other things that helped systemise the business which will ultimately go on rewarding Kim for years to come, but knowing I was able to help Kim buy back some time was also great reward for me for not letting her give up on her ultimate goal.

Well done Kim and all the best for the future

If you are looking for a veterinarian who is absolutely committed to best practices and patient care you must visit the Ringwood Veterinary Clinic.

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Brett Burden. Award winning Business Coach for over 25 years, Brett has the experience, tools and resources to help you very quickly gain control of your business and get you your life back. He’s helped dozens of business owners do exactly that.

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