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Brad Schram, Director of Lifestyle by Design speaks about his
experiences with Business Coach Brett Burden

"I wanted to get some structures in place I was basically trying to
be a one man band and it was really starting to restrict us, we
wer'nt able to grow the business how I wanted to so Brett's
assisted us in getting those things in place, and in the last
eighteen months its been fantastic, business has never been better.

We're finding a lot of clients are coming back to us which in the
building industry we always thought they would be a one time sort
of thing - you would get your big expence and that was it but the
referrals that we are getting are second to none which is good, it
means our employees are doing a good job.

If Brett had of told me eighteen months ago that we would double
revenue and do whatever in profits I would have laughed at him, I
would have walked out cause I would have thought that he was

Profits are higher than ever, we've now got, in the last month
we've put another four employees on and we're booked out till about
February next year already.

Life business and personal is a hell of a lot better now."

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About Brett Burden

Brett Burden. Award winning Business Coach for over 25 years, Brett has the experience, tools and resources to help you very quickly gain control of your business and get you your life back. He’s helped dozens of business owners do exactly that.

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